Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Art. New Post.


Believe it or not, I’ve updated my stores at CafePress more often than I do this site, which is sad because this site is supposed to advertise my CafePress stores. Not good. I’ll keep working on it, but for now, here’s an update:

My daughter, K.C., has two stores she’s opened using my account. The first one, called K.C.'s Art has items with a picture of a family under a rainbow and the words: “Children are GODS gift to Us!” The second store, K.C.'s Drawings, has a drawing she did some time ago of some happy flowers and the slogan “Always be friends.” My mom thought that one was cute enough to scan for us, and I put up the design.

In addition, I have 4 stores for my own work. Two use the daisy picture that I first put up. One is untouched at the EdlyPics store, and the other at the EdlyART store is photoshopped to bring the flower itself out more. Another store, EdlyPix, has the picture of people at the beach in backlight.

I mentioned this before, but it still kind of hurts more than 20 years later. The original slide of that picture was lost by Kodak when I ordered reprints. I have no idea if the original slide ended up being damaged, thrown out, or added to someone’s collection. I only have one print left, somewhat faded, and that’s what I scanned to make the picture for CafePress.

And the last order of business: I have added a new store with an original (non photographic) design. I did it because of a co-worker of mine at the theater who embodies this philosophy: “I’m Not SHORT—I’m CONCENTRATED!” This one is for her. I put it up at my new site: EdlyDesigns! Please check that one out and get a T-Shirt for one of you vertically-challenged friends or family members!

That’s it for this post. Hope everyone reading this is doing well and gainfully employed!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Old Picture-New Post!

Time for a new post--of an old picture! I took this picture about 23 years ago, when I was only 16 years old. This was back in my $100-per-week-film-developing-bill days. My sister had been nice enough to take me for a drive through Santa Cruz, and we stopped at Twin Lakes Beach in Live Oak. It was a sunny day in late winter or early spring, you can tell from the posts visible in the picture. Those are all that is left of the posts holding up an old bridge that crossed Twin Lakes Beach for an old streetcar line in Santa Cruz, and they are only visible above the sand that time of year after the storms have taken the sand out to sea. I snapped off this picture without realizing how the backlight would affect the image, and it couldn't have worked out better. I love how the people in the image have grouped together in caring family groups. It helps give the picture a warmer feel, contrasting with the cooler colors.

About a year after I took the photo Kodak lost the negative when I sent it in for reprints, so I was forced to scan this image from an old 5x7 that I have, and then I Photoshopped the resulting scan to get rid of fading and damage. I got another wonderful picture that day that I hope to have on this site relatively soon.

If you like this picture, I have it emblazoned on quite a few products over at another new CafePress store that I started. I discovered that I can't carry multiple versions of the same kind of item at a free CafePress store, so I took the option of opening a new store for this picture. I expect to start rotating pictures through these two stores, as well as a few others that I'll start later for different products or pictures (especially since I finally sold something at the first store!)

If you are an artist I would recommend that you check out CafePress to see if you can make some money using them. Their system is fairly simple, and combined with something like Blogger, you can start a revenue stream from your work without investing a lot of money. They have free stores that you can build, and they have stores you pay for. The more expensive stores give you many more options, such as customization of your storefront and the ability to sell more than one design on the same product from one store, but using Blogger as my front-end, I don't really think I need to pay them for a site yet. Maybe later.


Saturday, September 20, 2008


Welcome to the new home of my artistic musings!

For the last 23 years I've been taking pictures of nature. Sometimes pretty much nonstop. Back when the medium involved film, the bills for my film development sometimes hit $100 per week. No joke. Just ask my parents who indulged me for so long (thanks!)

Here on this site you will see me post a few of my better photographs. Probably not all at once--the newer ones taken digitally will almost certainly appear first. The older, chemical ones are harder to get in presentable state online. Those will trickle out.

I recently gave my daughter one of our old digital cameras, and as she starts getting better at photography, I will start posting her best work here as well (I'll keep it clearly labeled.)

The first image on this site, which you see above, is "Inang's Daisy." I took this one just a few days ago (Wednesday, September 17th, 2008.) It is currently sitting in our front yard. My mother-in-law, who we call Inang, grew it. She's a wonderful flower and decorative plant gardener. Currently on my CafePress store, I have this picture emblazoned on coffee mugs, notecards, postcards, a framed print, and best of all, a wall clock. It just rocks as a wall clock!

That should be enough talking for today. Enjoy looking around at this site, and be sure to check out my CafePress store!